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Welcome to Music City Moms

Group of Music City Moms, connecting with other mothers in Nashville, TN

Where Nashville Moms Connect

This is the place where Nashville area moms connect. We have a great group of moms on here to answer questions, give advice, or just listen. Check out our calendar of family-friendly events too.

Are you a new mom in Nashville?
We’ve been there and know how hard it is being a new mom and juggling everything else. It can be isolating not having the support you need. We can help answer your questions or just listen if you need to vent. The Moms give great advice on all things baby and can answer questions specific to Nashville too.

Food is Love, Family is Everything: Paula Deen Live!

For over 20 years the name Paula Dean has been known, both north and south, for her indulgent southern-style home cooking. From her first catering business ran out of her house, to hundreds of shows for Food Network, Paula has never failed to entertain and produce mouth-watering comfort food for America.

Where Do Single Parents Meet? 6 Convenient Places to Meet People

Dating can be tough for single moms in the Music City. When you work long hours and Friday night finally gets here most of the time you don't feel like getting out. And if you are lucky to have family or a sitter to watch your kids usually you can't stay out very late. Going to bars can be a hassle and as my mother always told me, "You won't find gold in a trash can". Luckily there are a lot of options for finding members of the opposite sex in Nashville that don't put you in a smoky bar at midnight on a weekend.

About Us

Music City Moms is locally owned and operated by moms. There was a time it was owned by the newspaper but when they decided to shut it down, the moms still needed a place to connect. We believe it is important for moms to have a safe place to talk. Sure there's Facebook, but you know everyone on Facebook. Music City Moms allows you to be anonymous with your questions. It's a place where you are safe and free to talk about yourself, housework, breastfeeding, your kids, your husband, and everything else about being a mom. We only ask that you keep it real (and rated PG). Welcome aboard.