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Welcome to Music City Moms

Group of Music City Moms, meet other mothers in Nashville, TN

Where Nashville Moms Connect

This is the place where Nashville area moms connect. We have a great group of moms on here to answer questions, give advice, or just listen. Keep your eyes open for our fun giveaways too.

Are you a new mom in Nashville?
We’ve been there and know how hard it is being a new mother and juggling everything else. It can be isolating not having the support you need. We can help answer your questions or just listen if you need to vent. The Moms give great advice on all things baby and can answer questions specific to Nashville too.

Tell Them Once

One afternoon, our puppy Belle, and I were resting on the bench in our shade garden enjoying the beautiful day, the soft summer breeze, and the delightful fragrance of nearby Jasmine. Our neighbors had their house on the market, and a black Mercedes pulled into their driveway. I knew what that meant, and voices soon broke our reverie.

A well-dressed middle aged woman in heels stepped from the car and loudly announced, "Chloe, why don't you and "the boy" stay outside while I show your mother the house again. You've already seen it several times and I think it will be better if he stays outside.

Varekai by Cirque du Soleil - Giveaway!

Take the whole family into an extraordinary forest where everything is possible!  A world where fantastical creatures come to life, a world call Varekai.

We are very pleased to partner with Cirque du Soleil again this year and offer Varekai tickets for giveaway!

About Us

Music City Moms is locally owned and operated by moms. There was a time it was owned by the newspaper but when they decided to shut it down, the moms still needed a place to connect. We believe it is important for moms to have a safe place to talk. Sure there are other social sites, but you know everyone on there. Music City Moms is a place where you are safe and free to talk about yourself, housework, breastfeeding, your kids, your husband, and everything else about being a mom. We only ask that you keep it real (and rated PG). We can't wait to meet you!