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Thanksgiving Parade Bingo

Happy Thanksgiving, Moms! Last year, we re-posted some Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo Cards from The Tonight Show. It was a great idea to have some family fun on Thanksgiving morning while the turkey is baking. But this year, we couldn't find any so we took it upon ourselves to make some new ones for 2015. We hope you enjoy!

Don’t apologize to me!

I get so tired of hearing celebrities and politicians apologizing for thing they said or did, just like I get tired of hearing parents telling their kids to say “I’m sorry” if they hurt another. Don’t apologize to me unless you mean it and then apologize with action not words.

More than Leaves Fall in Autumn: The Native Persimmon

Every month brings us a fruit or vegetable’s peak season. Already, markets, grocery stores and maybe even your back yard are full of traditional fall produce. You can get a great deal on butternut, acorn, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, and fresh apples or cider. I have read and written countless articles this time of year on the fall harvest. Although those items above are nutritious and valuable additions to our diets, I want to showcase a little known, but abundant autumn fruit in Tennessee; the persimmon.

Adventures in Brackets: Navigating The Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing from October's candy brigade to New Year's celebrations and beyond, keeping our braces free from incident, or better stated, keeping brackets and wires in place, certainly seems to be a challenge in our house. By the looks of our local orthodontist’s waiting room, I’m guessing we are not the only family falling prey to finding ourselves in these sticky situations.

NCT's Charlotte's Web - A Review

"It is deep in the early, just before dawn, and Fern’s delightful little runt pig, Wilbur, appears to be headed for the dinner table – and not in a good way – when he is saved through the remarkable literary efforts of a spider named Charlotte. Wilbur may be ‘Terrific,’ and he certainly is ‘Some Pig,’ but it is up to Charlotte to tell it to the world."

Inside Out Movie Giveaway

Disney Pixar's Inside Out is soon to be available on Digital HD + Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Blu-ray™ November 3rd. And we have 2 Digital HD copies to give away!