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What Should A Teen's’ Physical Look Like?

For the past six years I have the privilege of doing physical exams on candidates for the military services. I am amazed to see young men and women who have never had a physical, some who have never seen a doctor, and many who have had only “sports” physicals.

Back-To-School and Back To Healthful Lunches & Snacks

As parents and kids get back into the routine of school and extracurricular activities, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about meals and snacks. Proper nutrition is vital this time of year because we need to feed our kids the proper fuel to keep their bodies and minds strong.

Varekai by Cirque du Soleil - Giveaway!

Take the whole family into an extraordinary forest where everything is possible!  A world where fantastical creatures come to life, a world call Varekai.

We are very pleased to partner with Cirque du Soleil again this year and offer Varekai tickets for giveaway!

Driving Summer Healthy Eating Choices

The summer heat has arrived in middle Tennessee. The pavement is steaming and the pools are packed! By now the kids are out of school and you are adjusting to summer time schedule. For many of us, we go into summer with good intentions. We will have more time to dedicate to better planning, shopping, and eating choices. Despite our best intentions summer schedules fill up fast and are often full of random or spur of the moment activities, making it difficult for us to plan ahead. We find ourselves on the road constantly for vacations, family visits, sporting events, or just running errands.

Holding On To Summer

I am surrounded by bags of school supplies, my laundry is full of new polo shirts and uniform bottoms, but I am not ready to give in to a new school year just yet. I totally understand that in less than two weeks I will be taking photos of not only my daughter, who will be starting third grade, but of my son who will be starting pre-k this year too.

A Few Of Our Favorite Summer Things

The weather is getting hotter, and school has been out for a few weeks now. So what is a parent to do with these kids who are getting bored? I try to have both my kids spend a little time each day reading/looking at books, they help with a few chores, and we review some academic skills as well. However, when all that is done, we head out on little adventures. Here are a few of our favorites.

Tell Them Once

One afternoon, our puppy Belle, and I were resting on the bench in our shade garden enjoying the beautiful day, the soft summer breeze, and the delightful fragrance of nearby Jasmine. Our neighbors had their house on the market, and a black Mercedes pulled into their driveway. I knew what that meant, and voices soon broke our reverie.

A well-dressed middle aged woman in heels stepped from the car and loudly announced, "Chloe, why don't you and "the boy" stay outside while I show your mother the house again. You've already seen it several times and I think it will be better if he stays outside.

Sesame Street Live Tickets Giveaway!

I have such sweet memories taking my daughter to the Sesame Street Live show when she was younger. Her name is Zoe and all she wanted to do was meet Sesame Street Live’s Zoe. She took her plush Zoe doll with her and held it up for the entire show. When the characters came down from the stage to interact with the audience, she yelled "Zoe, Zoe!" All of the characters had gone back on stage and Zoe was about to go too, when she turned around, came back to us, and hugged my Zoe. It absolutely made her day. I'm thrilled that we have tickets to give away so we are to be able to make that magic happen for another child.