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Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a doctor for a surgical procedure can be very challenging and even intimidating. It’s not like you can test drive the surgery before it's done. So, you are often left with only your gut feeling about who is the best. While I do believe that your choice has to “feel” right, I’ve outlined some tips below to ensure you choose the right surgeon for you.

Let's Go To The Park: Edwin Warner

Nashville is full of beautiful parks and greenways. This is a great way to spend time together as a family without having to spend money or wait in long lines to ride something. One of the first days of summer, I load up my car with my kids, my nephew, a cooler of food, wipes, and toys to play in the dirt and the creek. We head to the Nature Center on Hwy 100 which is part of Edwin Warner Park. My plan is to explore the park and just have fun.

Dads and the AAP

When I was a pediatric resident we were taught that if a father comes with a mother, or comes alone with the child, for a well child visit or a sick visit we should be suspicious that things were not going well for the family. Either the dad did not trust that Mom was a good mother, or was afraid she would say something negative about him. In any event, we were taught to try to see what was wrong.

The Little Belly That Won’t Go Away After Having Children

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is a condition that most people are very unfamiliar with. I can say this term to many moms, and in return, I receive a blank stare. Though as soon as I say, “That little belly that won’t go away after having children,” ears perk up. “Oh yes,” I hear again and again, “I have one of those.”