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Nutritious Noshing in Nashville

I used to think that the hectic schedules for busy families came in seasons. If we could just get through the holidays things will get easier. We’ll get back on track after softball season or when the school year finally end. I just need to make it through the summer and I’ll be back in my routine.

Surgery and The Emotional Roller Coaster

It’s not uncommon for my patients to experience different emotions as they consider surgery. We call this the emotional roller coaster. This is true for most of my patients, but especially moms because of the inherent maternal instinct that may be at odds with a mother doing something for herself.

Adventures in Brackets: Summer is the best time to begin orthodontic treatment

Summer break in Middle Tennessee is well underway, and as a mom of three daughters, I am looking at the calendar and our “appointment to do” list trying to make sure I get all of the necessary appointments in before school starts back in August. Too many summers have gone by with August’s arrival finding me scrambling to try to get everything crammed in the week before school starts – along with A LOT of other parents.

Captain D's Grilled Menu and Gift Card Giveaway!

The American Heart Association recommends we consume fish, especially fatty fish like tuna and salmon, at least twice per week. Fish can provide several valuable nutrients such as selenium and B vitamins. Fatty fish are a great sources of omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin D and sometimes calcium. When sourced responsibility they can be a more sustainable protein option over other meats like beef and pork.

Zootopia Movie Giveaway

Music City Moms has partnered with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on the upcoming release of ZOOTOPIA, coming to Blu-ray™, Digital HD + Disney Movies Anywhere starting Tuesday, June 7th, 2016. And we have two Digital HD Downloads to give away!