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Surgery and The Emotional Roller Coaster

It’s not uncommon for my patients to experience different emotions as they consider surgery. We call this the emotional roller coaster. This is true for most of my patients, but especially moms because of the inherent maternal instinct that may be at odds with a mother doing something for herself.

All Love Is Tough Love

A post I just read reminded me of a something I saw in a grocery store years ago. As I turned down the aisle displaying the fresh eggs I saw a boy of 2-3 in the cooler, running on top of cases of eggs. I kid you not!

What Everyone Should Know Before Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance among adolescents.2 Sale and possession of marijuana for medical and recreational use by adults remains illegal in most states and is illegal under federal law. However, several states have passed legislation to allow medical use and a few allow recreational use by adults.

No Guilt Mommy Makeover

If a mom allow herself to think about a mommy makeover, one of the overriding thoughts that we hear about is guilt. However, we have seen that moms who give themselves permission to consider surgery are able to overcome this guilt and impact their family in a much more positive way.

Poop For Brains

Many of you have heard a more poignant form of this title and considered it an insult. In the context of how it was used, you were probably correct to do so. However, there is a nugget of truth to this name-calling. Research at facilities such as Texas Tech University and Ohio State University are looking at how the bacteria in our gut influences moods and behaviors in children.