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Where Do Single Parents Meet? 6 Convenient Places to Meet People

Dating can be tough for single moms in the Music City. When you work long hours and Friday night finally gets here most of the time you don't feel like getting out. And if you are lucky to have family or a sitter to watch your kids usually you can't stay out very late. Going to bars can be a hassle and as my mother always told me, "You won't find gold in a trash can". Luckily there are a lot of options for finding members of the opposite sex in Nashville that don't put you in a smoky bar at midnight on a weekend.

Truth or Dare?

What do you accept as truth?  What lies do you tell yourself?  And how does that limit you?  What are you NOT daring to do?  What life are you NOT daring to live?

This is where excuses come into play.  Excuses are the little lies we tell others and ourselves to justify our choices.  Some lies I have told myself in the past include: "I can't run today because it is too cold outside".  "I would...but don't have time". 

Top 5 Ways to Stay in Shape on Vacation

Summer means travel, vacations and more activity in general for most of us. While having fun is super important it can create havoc for even the most health-conscious.

Here are a few sure-fire tips to help you stay on track.

Visit the Georgia Aquarium & Tickets Giveaway!

Are you planning your summer vacation? Or looking more toward a staycation? Have you been to the Georgia Aquarium yet? It is only a 4 hour drive into Atlanta and so worth the drive. The Georgia Aquarium is the "world's most magical aquarium" with more animals than any other aquarium in more than ten million gallons of water. It features more than sixty exhibits, with features modeled after the greatest zoos and aquariums in the world.

Food is Love, Family is Everything: Paula Deen Live!

For over 20 years the name Paula Dean has been known, both north and south, for her indulgent southern-style home cooking. From her first catering business ran out of her house, to hundreds of shows for Food Network, Paula has never failed to entertain and produce mouth-watering comfort food for America.

THE Salad for Salad Haters

THE Salad for Salad Haters

A while back, one of my sons never ate salad despite enjoying a wide variety of foods.  Then, as suddenly as vegetables turn brown in my crisper drawer, he started eating a salad I made.  There’s nothing more infuriating than cracking the code, but not knowing how you did it!  I watched him eat that salad, really watched him, and besides being a bit creepy doing that, I figured out what he was picking through in that salad.  I combined this knowledge with what so many say about why restaurant salads are so good and I do believe I’ve cracked it, ladies and gents!

Why Won't My Skin Tan?

Last month we talked about zinc based sunscreen and the importance of using one year round, let alone in the summer sun.  This month, I’d like to talk to you about some causes of abnormal skin coloring, referred to as “hypopigmentation” in medical jargon.  Basically, hypopigmentation is skin that won’t tan, or looks lighter than the rest of your normal skin color.  As most people like to have tan skin in the summer, when one or more areas don’t tan, it can be very concerning.  Children and teens can have a few different skin disorders that prevent tanning.  This article will address a few common causes of hypopigmentation.